Supers: A Comparison

I know, it's odd that I only talk about superheroes and lotr on this blog. Maybe someday soon I will do another one of those goofy Mad Libs posts... But anyway, here we go again, and in this post I rank the Super-vehicle films I've seen in the past year: Dark Knight Rises (Batman), Iron Man 3, Man of Steel (Superman), and The Dark World (Thor). Who wins? I wasn't sure until I finished writing this post. The points are accumulated and counted up, One through four.

Awesomeness of film
Super tops IM
(IM tops Bat)
Bat tops Thor)

Coolness of Title Character (as super)
Super tops IM
(Bat tops IM)
In contrast to Kal-El naturally having his abilities and Batman getting by on fighting skills he's learned outside of his suit in addition to tech he designed, IM has no powers w/o the suit and Thor has nothing w/o the hammer but exaggerated strength and immortality. So it is a toss-up but the point lead goes to...Iron Man for knowing how to build his tech.

Coolness of character's Secret Identity
IM (in IM 3 alone) tops Bat
Bat tops Super
Thor doesn't have one

Awesomeness of Music
Bat wins over Thor by percentages. Note that this lead may change in the future.
(Thor tops IM)
IM tops Super

Humor Scale
 Thor leads (on the power of Loki)
(Im tops Bat)
Super tops Bat

Fun Factor of Supporting Cast
Thor tops IM on the strength of Loki and Heimdall
(IM tops Bat)
Bat tops Super

super tops Bat
(Bat tops IM)
Thor tops IM

So...Point scores...In the seven divisions...
Super: 4 4 2 1 1 1 4 (17 total)
IM: 3 2 4 2 3 3 1 (18)
Bat: 2 3 3 4 1 3 3 (19)
Thor: 1 1 1 3 4 4  2 (16)
So Loki and Heimdall were not enough even to pass Man of Steel which was a terrible movie when Russel Crowe wasn't involved but was made barely passable by the hour-long high-flying smackdown in the second half...Although these numbers do reflect my relative opinion of different elements of the film, (Awesomeness meaning including explosions and fights,) It does not reflect the fact that I did not actually like any of the movies. Batman got the highest point score, which does not remind you that it bored me stiff to the point of wishing I could get up and leave, which I have never felt about any movie before or since that I was watching in the theater.


  1. This is slightly confusing but I think I got the gist of it.
    Having now seen of the movies you have compared here, I can give my full thoughts.
    IM3 and The Dark World are about tied for first. I will have to see Thor again to make a final decision. Man of Steel was definitely the worst for me since the characters were Super-Dull with the exception of Maximus. Overall, I still like The Dark Knight Rises, but not nearly as much as I did the first time watching it since the movie has SO many dumb plot holes.


    1. I knew you would put marvel on top. Otherwise, our views are about the same. I was very disappointed in the super movies recently. The last one I saw that I liked is Avengers and I can'/t help laughing at half of that one. You may notice that I said explicitly that I disliked MoS and hated DKR. I suppose you refer to Russel Crowe? agreed. I disliked Thor mainly b/c the romance is too heavy.