Thor The Dark World Reaction

Ok, so...my reaction to the new Thor movie...Do you even want to know?
If this film had been called "Loki Messes With Asgard...Again" It would have been closer to the truth.
I knew it was going to be heavy with the Thor\Jane relationship, but showing that off weighed the story down like a brick. Yes I have a problem with melodrama and showstopping kissing shots. Those are at the top of my list of stuff I hate that's ok to put on screen.
Tom Hiddleston (who by now will forever be known as Marvel's Loki) saved the movie again. He had all the funny parts; anything Thor said that was humorous was simply a response to a Loki showstopper. Thor and Loki together were the best scenes, but Thor is still not as watchable as Heimdall or even the Warriors Three, on the good side. The 9th Doctor as the dark elf leader was impressive too. What does it say about these films when the villains are the fan favorites? (My gut reaction to the dark elves intro: What would happen if Tolkien's elves turned evil and fell through a dimensional rift in fictional spacetime?)
The two best scenes of all were really just small parts of an enormous sequence that took a huge chunk of time and which I can't say anything more about in deference to those who have not yet seen this movie.
Natalie Portman's opening act in this movie went on FAR TOO LOOOONG. It was at least ten minutes of nothing.
DR. Selveig's intro in this film was bizarre, inappropriately stupid, and did nothing to help the story. And they kept going back to it. Ouch.
 The reveal at the end was totally not a surprise.
(There are however, a couple of things in the movie which shocked me and should probably not be told to squeamish kids. But maybe I'm judging too harshly. Your call, actually)
There are two after-credit scenes. The first one moves the story along and contains spoilers. The second is just a superfluous scene of Thor rocketing back to Earth just to kiss Jane for the third time in the film. Apologies if you thought that was worth keeping hidden.
Long movie short, if you are not watching this movie for Loki and/or Heimdall, there's nothing here that'll make you come back. It is a 3 at best. I'll go with a 2.
p.s. I want the music, but I am not buying it w/o a test run, and the library may never get a hold of it...
My next post will be what I thought of the four superhero films I have seen in the past year in shorthand. You may be surprised, or not since I detail my opinions in posts like this.


  1. Does this post contain any spoilers? I have been trying my best to avoid those.


    1. I know that and I am always careful to state my opinion w/o actually describing anything.