Guess What?

Believe it or not, I'm doing it again. No, not what you probably think. In fact, there are probably about four or five different possibilities running through your mind at this moment. I won't say any of them are wrong, because of course I don't even know if you're going to read this post...:D I'm posting... drum toll, please,... because it's someone's birthday again! My grandma, who lives on our property in her own little house, has reached yet another birthday. Tell you what, just keep trying to combine 8 and 7. Eventually, you'll get it. Yes, I shout about everybody's birthdays here on my blog, even my dog's...(nervous laugh). Well, that's about it for today. If anything else out of ordinary occurs anytime soon, you'll find out about that too, because that's what bloggers blog about... haha very funny... not... I've got nothing more to say at the moment, so now I'll leave.

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