The World's Weirdest Brother (Besides me)

Today is my youngest brother's 10th birthday (I think... Darn not being able to count...:D). This particular brother is an extreme  green-living radical, who insists, at ten years old, that he's not going to college. The only thing he really pays any attention to is his album full of old American coins which he shoves in the face of every visitor who comes by. Compared to most of our family, he's freakishly athletic. This includes being strong enough to carry his older brother who is the same size, and do somersaults on our trampoline, which the rest of us don't even think of trying. At one time, he was capable of balancing himself on his hands and doing 300 push-ups in less than ten minutes, which I'm sure isn't bad. He does dangerous things just because we tell him not to, because he's 'a rebel who plays by his own rules'.
A couple (or three, or a few) funny quotes from him:
  1. On the making of Jurrasic Park: "Did they put frog DNA in the camera?"
 Ok, I can only remember one, but there's where that came from, eventually...
He also harbors some pretty strange theories. Such as the idea that FDR, LBJ, and possibly JFK, are often named by their initials because they favored melting down silver coinage.
His life ambition? To build a rocket to Mars entirely out of lithium, powered entirely by paper-based biomass. Or at least it was until recently. As soon as I can, i will post you an image of tonight's garishly decorated cake. gotta go.


  1. Happy birthday to him. He can't be weirder than my family. We're all a bit weird here. You don't have to be mad to live here but it sure helps. (We're not insane) But anyway, as I said before Happy Birthday to your brother.

  2. Happy Birthday to him! Is he sure he doesn't want to go to college? He sounds like he'd make a great mad scientist or something. lol