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Yesterday, a friend of mine came over to hang out, more or less. The stated reason was so we could watch Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl. So we loaded it in, and contrary to our original expectations, watched the whole thing in one sitting. I know some of you might beg to differ, but I did not really enjoy it. My suspicions that Jack Sparrow and the score would really be the only worthwhile elements were confirmed. It was a relief to discover that Jack still acts like a bad pirate half the time (Holds grudges, fights and argues unfairly, drinks a lot). Anyway, I won't say the movie was more than moderately entertaining.
Later, we played chess (My friend is an excellent chess player and I am awful, so of course I eventually resigned). Next we played Perudo, which is a surprisingly fun dice game in which every player in turn guesses the quantity of a certain number on the dice of those on the table, until somebody doubts the previous bet. The dice are revealed, and the mistaken player loses a die. In the final game, due to a sudden attack of vertigo, I neglected to look at my last die before doubting my brother's bet. As a result, I discovered that I had been rolled in the back by my own die, which showed the number in question. I could not have won anyway, but why is too long to explain here.
Last, we played pool. Out of five games, my friend won four times. I won only when he pocketed the '8' ball four shots after the break.
Also, my mom surprised me with an Irish songbook containing music and lyrics to 75 different songs. Nearly all of which were arranged, adapted, written, and/or sung by the Clancy Brothers, my favorite folk singers.

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