Home Alone

Yes, we're home alone. Yesterday evening, my parents left for the weekend. They drove up to San Francisco so my mom could take lessons on how to bake bread (as if she's not good enough already...:D). Meanwhile, I, my sister, and my two younger brothers are, as you might have guessed... NOT partying! :D. We're maintaining our usual itinerary, which is... nothing. My mom did say I was allowed to invite friends over, though, so I will try, but I doubt that they will come. Last night, each of us ate most of a new personal pint of ice cream.:D We've done that three times now.... I am going to do nothing all weekend except work on the stories that I post on JT's Tales. Did I tell you I'm going to start posting a new one soon? It is frustrating that there is some confusion over whether we will get to Mass on Sunday, because no-one we know has four seats to spare, but believe me, I tried. I am currently working on a tracing of a picture of William Wallace from the Braveheart soundtrack. When it's complete, I'll post it. That's all for now.

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