Mad Libs (Clone Wars style) #1

I asked, and got one yes... and one 'what are you talking about?',after which I explained in a posted titled 'An explanation of Mad L:ibs'. What follows is what I was talking about. (The words in bold type are the ones I inserted) I will not be posting all my MLs. Just the funniest ones.

'Watching Anikin Grow Up, By Obi-Wan Kenobi'

"When I first met Anikin, he was no more than a little stuffed toy. He was very force-sensitive, but he seemed too rough to become a Jedi Knight. Boy, was I miniscule! In just a few short tubes, Anikin has proven himself to be a square Jedi radio. Now he's even training his own cell phone. He may be a reluctant teacher, but he's doing it stupidly. He and his elastic Padawan, Ahsoka, fight side by coat hanger as if they've been doing it for years. They also know how to laugh together, which is important for building a frozen relationship between Master and learner. In every task he's taken on in the Clone Wars, Anikin's been brave and confused. I am pointlessly lucky to teach him and to learn from him. One day, I'm sure he'll be the most octogonal Jedi in the entire spotlight. (but let's just keep that between us. We don't want his artery getting too big!)

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  1. That's hilarious! I've never thought of Anakin in quite that way before. I mean training his own cell phone? Thanks for posting this