A Blog Award

The authors of JandJ Productions have awarded me the above award...:D (thank you, everyone, it's so nice to be here today...:D). Now I get to say seven totally random things about myself in a totally random order...:D.
1. The third and fourth fingers on each of my hands are fused together (as are my ankles and, partially, my collarbone)
2. Due to my closed-mouth style, I could be standing face to face with you, whistling loudly, and you'd still turn around and ask where the sound was coming from before finding out...:D
3. I once ate nine eggs in one breakfast, and was still hungry.
4. I'd do practically anything within reason for Reese's Peanut butter & chocolate candy.
5. I enjoy performing, but get stage fright in an organized setting, no matter how hard I practice.
6. One of my hobbies is archery, and I use a bow taller than I am myself.
7. I have openly dared anyone to spread anything edible on a banana, and watch as I eat it with relish...:D (On my own account, I have tried such things as Mayonaise, BBQ sauce, and Ranch dressing...)

Lastly, I am expected to award this award to five deserving followers, but since I have only four followers besides jandj, they get it by default.:D 

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