An Explanation Of Mad Libs

As you are all aware, I am currently asking everyone whether I can post Mad Libs which I have completed. But some of you have indicated that you don't know what I am talking about. So now I will explain. Mad Libs are the word games for people who hate word games (My description, not theirs). Mad Libs can be played by any number of players or just one. They are a collection of stories which are only one, sometimes two, paragraphs long, the common theme of which you will find on the cover of your Mad Libs game.
What makes Mad Libs so fun is this: In any given one of the stories in your ML game, a random number of spaces, in a random order, are BLANK. The blanks are labeled underneath with  'part of speech (i.e. verb)', 'part of the body', 'name of person in room' (sometimes specified further as 'male' or female'), 'place', and sometimes 'number'. The labels show what sort of word they expect a person to place in that particular space. Another twist is that one is expected to avoid looking at the title (or revealing it if there are multiple players) until all the blanks have been filled. The games are designed so that a person playing by themselves should see the title, but not the story, until all the blanks have been filled. In multi-player games there is one person who can see the story and fills in the blanks, and is consequentially NOT allowed to suggest words that should be used. When the blanks are filled, the writer reads the story, and the players will either be bored to death, surprised, or even possibly lose control of themselves laughing at their own choice of words in the context of the story. Mad Libs can be found in bookstores and tourist stops, and there are about thirty to  forty different themes  last I saw. That should answer everything you never knew you wanted to know about Mad Libs games, and I hope you enjoy mine.:D

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  1. Ah, it's a fill in the missing words story. Sounds interesting. Thanks for the explanation.