Inside Their Heads: My Characters, Section One

As you might have guessed, this is yet another supplement to The Price Of A Throne that I have only recently put together. I thought I should post it before we get much farther along in the story. Without further ado, my characters:

King Valun III
The fifth of his house (and 11th overall) to rule Corridane, Valun (VA-lun) is not at ease as king. He is obsessive about retaining the loyalty of his subjects, and is likewise and consequentially desperate to be sure that everything he does is fualtless. Though he quickly learned to hide the fact, he was permanantly truamatized by Damrod's betrayal and his (Valun's) subsequent exile.
Notable Note: He is only the second of the 11 rulers (ten kings + Damrod) to clearly exceed six feet in height (the previous one was Valun I, the Great)

Sir Richard the Lion*
Valun's closest friend, Richard is naturally a perpetually cheerful, fun-loving 'dude' with a flair for drama and the fight. He is never without his blade, and is seldom far from his helm. He considers improving one's fighting skill the best use of one's time, and practices what he preaches (he is the BEST swordfighter alive in Corridane). He was called 'the lion' by the others due to his bright red hair (which is closer to orange...if you're not sure quite what it looks like, imagine William Wallace's hair on steroids...:D)
Notable Note: The plume on Richard's helm comes from Valun's own black charger

Sir Robert the Ram*
Robert is headstrong and stubborn. He was the voice of reason/realism during the four friends' time in exile. Though often antaganistic, he shows a quiet confidence which easily convinces men to follow him. He is, and considers himself to be, more of a respectful follower of Valun rather than a true friend. He has always been skeptical of John's motives. He is also at odds with Richard's natural cheerfulness, but still respects him as an equal.
Notable Note: If he had the gear, Robert could bench-press 375 pounds with ease, due to years of  work in the Ronaieran mines.

Sir John of the Rock
John is enigmatic, clever, and longs to estalish himself on a pinnacle as high as Valun's. He is also animpulsive actor who often has little use for others' opinions. He has always preferred Richard's company over that of the others (but that does not mean he is strong with a blade). Ironically, he is easily influenced by the opinions of others.
Notable Note: Don't lose track of him

*Richard and Robert actually followed Valun into exile at the urging of their fathers, who were staunch supporters of Valun II, and in consequence later executed by Damrod.


  1. Nice background. By the way, I noticed you've changed the name of your blog slightly. Why's that?

  2. I have 9temporarily) changed the direction my blog points to reflect the title of the chapter in The Return Of The King, which, if memory serves, is Faramir's finest hour. (Each new character will be profiled as they appear)