Books And Time Travel

As I said I would, I recently started to count all the items on bookshelves in our house. Since this is still a particularly mind-numbing task, I haven't gotten very far at all. That being said, I am very surprised to find that only three bookcases can contain a total of 632 items. That's including magazines and songbooks. What surprised me even more is that we have 150 individual music collections, including sheet music for practice. Too much! I am guessing that the final total will be in the area of 5000+ when I have reached the last item.
Now for something interesting. I read a lot of news off the BBC website, primarily because, having dedicated sections for all regions of the world, they put out a wider variety of actual news that is interesting than the U.S. media. Well, anyway, tonight I came across a little story about a serious attempt to find time travelers. Apparently some college people are dedicating their time to searching the internet for positive factual references to events that had yet to occur when the reference was posted. Are they getting paid for this? I goes on to say that they put a request on twitter that time travelers post to twitter using a hashtag saying Icanchangethepast2...You think they might be watching too much Doctor Who? Cue the pranksters using the "time travel" hashtag to send out tweets referring to random world events that have not happened..."Emperor Obama announced a new edict" "China annexed Japan. Quality of Japanese goods fell precipitously"

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