The Future Will Bore You Stiff...(But I hope not)

Well this is my post for today. I didn't actually do anything today because I had no plans, and now I have come face-to-screen with a problem one might have all the time, having decided that one will post every day only to be reminded that one never does anything....
I intended to go be at the show of my friends who recently started one of those cliche garage rock bands, but jumped the cliche by getting a show two months after they decided they were a band. I'll find out how it all went down tomorrow I think. I couldn't go because someone remembered that when faced with large crowds and loud noise, which would both be had in plenty, I disappear into the wall, unable to think a thought. It is strange that I myself never remember this fact when confronted with the chance to get together with my friends-however if I did I would never go anywhere.
Something coming up that I am actually going to do is that I am going to do a complete census on all the bookshelves in our house. (excluding cookbooks, of which my mom has at least twenty) The idea of the project is to find out just how many books we've got that are simply deadweight to remove. The thing is that we have more books than we have available shelf space,which leaves random books scattered throughout the house on top of others properly shelved, and several more that aren't really on shelves at all. And to add to the congestion there are several around that my youngest brother outgrew several years ago.
Someday I am going to make a post of nonsensical Keep Calm memes for no reason. Also I expect that on some days my posts may wind up being mindless rambles. I wish I had a theme...


  1. HOW CAN YOU WANT TO GET RID OF BOOKS? Books are amazing! Sorry, it's just that my bookcase is chock-full of books and I still need more room somewhere for some more of them.
    Culling books just sounds terrible to me. :)
    Keep Calm memes are good.
    If you're feeling bored...and in need of watching something....I'd like to recommend the BBC Sherlock T.V. series. They are a really good show (my favourite) and the characters are awesome as well. :)

    God Bless,

    1. Well I thought you'd react like that...Like I said, we've got some lying around that are a fit for first and second grade, but my youngest brother is now 12. Too old to keep them. We haven't got room in our house for one more bookcase, so it's the books that have to go to make room for those we already have and will get in the future.I'm sure the number will still be in the thousands if we ever do anything anyway.