To Walk, To Read, Perchance To Dream

But I did. And that was my afternoon today. My family thinks with good reason that I don't have the strength for it, but today I did, and I am very happy with it. Never mind that doing it once takes all the endurance I normally use in two or three days, or that we live a mile from anywhere, so I don't get far when I use all my energy, but I did it. That's what matters. A whole hour by myself, on my feet. It's really a great achievement by my standards.
In other news I have spent the past week reading the Ender's Game series which I was given for Christmas because I declared myself a fan of the first book, which the film was based on. (The film was actually a very strong synopsis by the way. Too bad they won't do any in the other series. This would be because they opened it just before a behemoth tentpole, namely Thor 2, which sucked away all its money, and since money is the language Hollywood understands, no more Ender movies...)
The first book, Ender's Game, is a character-driven story which was just as good as the first time I read it, even though I knew the plot twists this time.
The second book is Speaker For The Dead, in which hardly anything actually happens and it reads like a thesis on philosophy. It is hard to read, but it is passable because it is really just a prologue to the next thousand pages in the last two novels. This story takes place 3000 years farther into the future, but due to relativistic time-jumping spaceflight, Ender is only middle-aged at this point.
The third one is called Xenocide, and it is the most annoying, because while being longer than either of the first two it is also packaged as a philosophy thesis, to the point that the existential arguments trump the actual story.
The last one is called Children of the Mind and is really to be thought of as the second part of the previous one, divided because the third one would otherwise have been a mere 900 pages long. It works better this way because the last one returns to a character-driven base. I have 100 pages to go in the fourth one and by the end I might find that I enjoyed it more than the first one.

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  1. Opening Ender's Game a week before Thor and Catching Fire was really stupid on the studio's part. While I have yet to watch the movie, I look forward to seeing it when it comes out to rent. The books interest some, although I probably will not be able to find the time to read them in the foreseeable future.