Well, I was going to leave you with a couple of comically bad drawings of Aragorn and Arwen from the Two Towers poster which I did myself to show an example of where I am at. But-the scanner doesn't scan to this computer, the one that I'm using right now because it's available and easy to use. Instead I will just leave you with my new profile pic as a stopgap.
What I'd look like in Middle-Earth
This was not my choice. This was the idea of my best friend who hasn't seen me live in years. I made one of him that looked like Faramir.


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  2. Cool, it fits your blog well I think since it looks like something out of LOTR or some other medieval franchise. I don't know why, but every time I make a avatar based on what I look like, I usually make something that looks like myself, except with a bigger beard.


    1. the image is actually from a site that offers various templates from fantasylands in which to build an avatar. They have an LOTR template and that is supposed to be Dale in the background.